24 Interesting Facts About The Quran

Considered to be a verbal revelation by God, the Quran is the holiest book for the followers of the world’s second most followed religion, i.e., Islam. Muslims swear by the holy book in their daily rituals. The book is so holy for the Muslims that they consider it equivalent to God. Besides being the holiest book for the Muslims, the Quran has many fascinating facts worth knowing. Let’s have some interesting facts about the Quran:Quran
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1. The Finest Classical Arabic Literature

Quran A Classical Arabic Literature

Literally meaning “the recitation,” the Quran is widely regarded as the finest work in Classical Arabic Literature.
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2. It Took A Long Time To Complete It

Angel Gabriel in Islam

Muslims believed that the final Prophet Muhammad received the verbal revelations by God through an angel named Gabriel; gradually over a period of 23 years. Muhammad was 40 years old when he received the first revelation on 22 December 609 CE, which he went on to receive till his death in 632 CE.
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3. Only A Few References Of The Word “Quran” In The Holy Book

The word “Quran” appears for only 70 times in the holy book. Although many other words and names are considered to be references to the Quran.
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4. Earlier, It Wasn’t A Book!

Hand Written Quran

By the time of Muhammad’s death in 632, the Quran didn’t exist in the book form. It was Abu Bakr (the first caliph) who decided to compile the revelations in a book form; following Muhammad’s death. Thus, the credit, to give the revelations of the Quran a form of the book, goes to Abu Bakr and a group of scribes (most importantly Zayd ibn Thabit) who produced a hand-written manuscript having the collection of verses.
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5. The Quran Is Inimitable

Quran Speech

Muslims believe that the Quran is inimitable, i.e., no human speech can match the Quran in its content and form.
Source: al-islam.org

6. The Most Recited Verses Of The Quran

Quran First Chapter

Although the entire holy book plays a significant role in the daily rituals of its followers, the first Sura, also known as “Surah Fatiha,” is the most recited and easiest surah of the holy Quran. The Sura, which consists of seven verses, is repeated in daily prayers and on other occasions:

Praised be God, Lord of the Universe, the Beneficent, the Merciful and Master of the Day of Judgment, You alone We do worship and from You alone we do seek assistance, guide us to the right path, the path of those to whom You have granted blessings, those who are neither subject to Your anger nor have gone astray.”

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7. A Pivotal Source Of The Islamic Art

Quran And Its Influence On Islamic Art

The Quran is considered one of the most significant sources, which gave rise to the development of Islamic Art and Architecture; specifically the so-called Quranic arts of calligraphy and illumination.
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8. A Well Organized Book

The Holy Book is divided into 30 equal parts. There are 114 chapters (surahs), and 6,236 verses (ayahs), containing 99,464 words made up of 330,113 letters.
Source: al-islam.org

9. Makki & Madani Surahs

There are two types of Surahs in the Quran which are known as Makki and Madani. The surahs which reached Muhammad (PBUH) in Makka are known as Makki while those received in Madina are known as Madani. It is believed that 86 surahs of the Quran are Makki whereas 28 are Madani. However, some other sources differ in these numbers.
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10. The Longest & Shortest Surahs

The longest surah of the Quran is Al-Baqrawith 286 verses which is the second surah of the Quran while the shortest surah is Al-Kausar with only 3 verses.
Source: discoveringislam.org

11. Heart Of Quran

Surah Yasin is considered the heart of the Quran for its tremendous benefits for the believer.
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12. Best Drink & Food According To Quran

The best drink according to Quran is milk. In the Quran, Allah also describes the rivers of milk in Jannah. The best food is honey, which cures several problems and is the sweetest gift to humans from Allah.
Source: library.islamweb.net

13. The Holiest Day & Month In The Quran

Normally, the Quran declares Friday as the most blessed days of the week. Ramadan is the best month and the night of Layla-tul-Qadar has been described as a night better than 1000 months. Its significance is described in surah qadr.
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14. Bismillah!

The word “Bismillah” appears 114 times in the Quran. It occurs twice in Surah Namal whereas Surah Toba is the only surah which doesn’t begin with Bismillah.
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15. Mosques In The Quran

Five mosques have been Quran namely Masjid e Aqsa, Masjid e Haraam, Masjid e Nabwi (PBUH), Masjid e Zaraar and Masjid e Quba.
Source: islamicknowledge2all.wordpress.com

16. Encourages The Scientific Temper

Some noted scientists including the astrophysicist Nidhal Guessoum have highlighted the encouragement for sciences that the Quran provides by developing “the concept of knowledge.” It has been found that the Quran warns of the danger of conjecturing without evidence. A few verses of the Quran asks for proof in both assertions and rejections.
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17. No Begining Or End

It seems that the Quranic text has a nonlinear structure; due to which they have no beginning, middle, or end. The textual arrangement in the Quran is sometimes considered to exhibit the lack of chronological order.
Source: submission.org

18. The Earliest Academic Activities Of Muslims

The commentary and interpretation of the Quran, also known as “Tafsir,” is considered one of the earliest academic activities of Muslims. Muhammad is considered the first person to describe the meaning of the Quranic verses for early Muslims.
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19. It Believes In Life After Death

Quran believes in life after death. It teaches that besides having a body, a human being also has a spirit, and when a person dies, the physical body vanishes; while the remains.
Source: muslim.org

20. Don’t Touch The Quran

No one is allowed to touch the Quran or its any content except in the state of ritual purity in bathing or ablution (wudu). It’s also unlawful to touch the Quran after intercourse or menstrual bleeding, even if the book is in cover.
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21. Don’t Leave It Open

When you are done with reading the Quran, it must never be left open. It’s your duty to enclose it on its cover; after you’ve finished reading the book.
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22. It Should Be On The Top

It is unlawful (haraam) to put the other books or any other thing above the Quran. The Quran should always be placed higher than any other book.
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23. Beware Of Carrying The Quran Into The Lavatory

If you want to earn the great sin, carry the Quran into a lavatory; as entering the lavatory carrying the Holy Quran is a great sin, it is Kufr (blasphemy).
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24. The Biggest Quran In The World

In 2012, Russia hosted the world’s biggest Quran when it was unveiled in Kazan (the capital). The Holy Book is 1.5 m by 2 m, and 3 m by 2 m if unfolded, and it weighs a stunning 800 kilos (1763 pounds ) of which 120 kilos (264 pounds) are of the frame cover alone.
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