18 Interesting Facts About “The Who” Band

The Who is the most influential rock band of the 20th century. Formed in 1964, The Who originally had Roger Daltrey (lead vocalist), Pete Townshend (guitarist), Keith Moon (drummer) and John Entwistle (bassist). Let’s know some interesting facts about this amazing rock band, The Who.

The Who Rock BandImage: wikipedia.org

1. Before The Who

Before finalizing on the band name “The Who”, they had performed under two other names: The Detours and The High Numbers.
Source: songfacts.com

2. Daltrey’s chance encounter with Entwistle

Once when Daltrey was on a street he spotted Entwistle by chance. At that time Entwistle was carrying a bass with him. After meeting him he recruited Entwistle into the band (at that time Detours).
Source: wikipedia.org

3. The Who made a Guinness Record for the Loudest Concert

Yes, it’s true. On May 31, 1976, the concert show in London by the band “The Who” was so loud that a Guinness World record was created. Later it was beaten several times by several others. Eventually Guinness World Record stopped listing this record as many people’s hearing was being affected by these concerts.
Source: songfacts.com

4. Keith Moon’s school report

As a child Keith Moon was hyperactive and had restless imagination. Once his art teacher remarked in his report,”Retarded artistically. Idiotic in other respects.” While his music teacher remarked, “has great ability, but must guard against a tendency to show off.”
Source: wikipedia.org

5. When Roger Daltrey flushed Keith Moon’s pills!

When Keith Moon supplied illegal drugs to two of his band mate, John Entwistle and Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey became quite angry. He flushed the pills and also beat up Keith. So, his band mates expelled him from the band.
Source: wikipedia.org

6. When Roger Daltrey hit Pete Townshend with guitar!

Guitarist Pete Townshend was hit with a guitar by Roger Daltrey because Pete was drunk and was constantly poking and hitting Roger with his guitar. When Pete was being taken to hospital in an ambulance, Roger was with him and he was constantly apologizing.
Source: dailymail.co.uk

7. Keith’s favorite sport

During his school Keith Moon’s favorite sport was boxing. He took part in the school’s boxing league and did very well in it.
Source: funtrivia.com

8. The hit single not written by Pete Townsend


Every hit single of the band “The Who” was written by Pete Townsend except one: Summertime Blues. It was actually written by Eddie Cochrane.
Source: funtrivia.com, image: wikipedia.org

9. “Power Pop”

The phrase “Power Pop” was coined by Pete Townshend in the year 1967. He used this phrase to describe the sound of The Who’s sixties singles.
Source: wikipedia.org/wiki

10. John Entwistle’s nicknames

Bassist of the band “The Who”, John Entwistle has two other nicknames: “Thunderfingers” and “The Ox”.
Source: songfacts.com

11. Muppet inspired by Keith

Muppet Animal Inspired by Keith Do you know the muppet ‘Animal’ is actually inspired by Keith?
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12. The only song written by both Pete and Roger

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere Written by Both Pete And Roger

The only song of “The Who” whose writing credit is given to both Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey is “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”. It was released as a single in 1965.

Source: funtrivia.com, image: wikipedia.org

13. Daltrey acted in a Shakespearean play

In the year 1983 The BBC did a screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy Of Errors’. In this play he acted the part of the twin servants named Drumio.
Source: songfacts.com

14. The tragedy at Cincinnati

On 3 December 1979, The Who were about to have a concert in Cincinnati. While having a sound check, the fans waiting outside thought that the concert had already started. An excited crowd forced their way inside and in this process 11 fans were killed. But no one told the band members about this tragedy till the show was over. Upon learning about this tragedy, the band members were deeply shaken.
Source: wikipedia.org

15. Destructive Moon

Moon always had the tendency to lead a destructive lifestyle. In 1966 when The Who stayed in the Berlin Hilton, Moon’s destruction of property started. He would be derived by drugs and alcohols and destroy furniture by throwing them out through windows. But his favorite destruction method was exploding toilet. Until his supply of explosives was exhausted, Moon tried to destroy every toilet and changing room which he could access.
Source: wikipedia.org

16. The Holiday Inn Incident

Moon celebrated his 21st birthday (it was actually his 20th birthday) at Holiday Inn in Flint, Michigan. As soon as he reached Flint, Moon started drinking. Then he started a food fight and knocked off his front tooth and was taken to hospital. After returning back to the hotel he started throwing guests and furniture in pool and started a fire. He stopped only when police arrived. This stint led them to be banned from all the Holiday Inns.
Source: wikipedia.org

17. Death of Keith Moon

On September 7, 1978 Keith Moon was found dead in an apartment in London. His death was due to consumption of sleeping pills and alcohol which is a lethal combination.
Source: songfacts.com

18. Death of John Entwistle

John Entwistle was found dead on June 27, 2002 in a hotel room in Las Vegas. According to doctor’s report, Entwistle was doing cocaine before he died.
Source: songfacts.com