20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Valentine’s Day

Hearts! Flowers! Roses! What do these things remind us? Of course the language of the universe, “LOVE,“ and on Valentine’s Day,” it becomes a festival in itself. How best do you know about the big day except that most of the proposals are done (and probably rejected! Alas!). Besides being the day of Love, Valentine’s Day has many more things worth knowing. Let’s discover some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day:Valentine Day
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1. Gents first, ladies!!!


Women say that most of the men don’t know how to express love. Those women should definitely pass a glance to this fact. It is statistically proven that men spend more than double of what women spend on Valentine’s Day gifts.
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2. No gifts, please!

Valentine Day

Maybe men are the most generous givers of the gifts, but they don’t like being at the receiving end of the same. It is proven in a survey that most of the men do not like being gifted with goodies on V-Day (or any other day for that matter!).
Source: wisebread.com

3. Get your test done!


The months of February & March record the highest rate of sales in the section of pregnancy tests.
Source: wisebread.com

4. Universal love

Love is not just about a boy and a girl, is it? It can be between anyone. A mom and a son, a teacher and a student and a man and his pet. Valentine’s Day proves the same. Every year many gifts are purchased for mothers, teachers, and pets as well on this occasion.
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5. It’s not the Valentine Day!

Valentine Day

After all this talk about presents and gifts, you may wonder whether any other occasion could beat Valentine’s Day in gifting loved ones. Yup. There is! It’s Christmas, folks!! Every year Christmas crosses Valentine’s Day in terms of gifts and wishes. The gift shop owners love ‘love,’ may it be towards God, or towards others!
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6. We love you, Mr. Cadbury!!!


Why do chocolates and Valentine’s Day gifts sound so synonymous? Yeah… I agree there could be no best gift than chocolates to express love, but who started it? It’s none other than “Cadbury” himself. The founder of the Cadbury Company, Richard Cadbury, gifted his loved one, a heart-shaped chocolate box and thus started the tradition of gifting chocolate. Girls have more than one reason to thank you, sir!!
Source: womansday.com, image: flickr

7. Yes to clothes, no to the proposal! Sorry guys!

Valentine Day

In some countries, tradition says that a girl can keep clothes gifted by a man on Valentine’s Day only if she is romantically interested in him.
Source: stvalentinesday.org

8. Graham Bell, how can you be so advanced?

Valentine Day Telephone

It’s not just chocolates, but phones too. There is an undeniable bond between love and phones. How do you think all the long distance relationships survive if not for them? Hence we can’t deny the love between love and telephones. Maybe Alexander Graham Bell envisioned this ages ago. That’s why he petitioned for a patent on the telephone on Valentine’s Day in 1876.
Source: stvalentinesday.org, image: thedailymeal.net

9. Yes to kisses!

Valentine Day Kiss

There is a superstition in some parts of the world saying that whoever wakes up with a kiss on Valentine’s Day, would be lucky in their lives. Well… Valentine’s Day or not, any day would be great if it started with a kiss, isn’t it ;)?
Source: stvalentinesday.org

10. Romeo and Juliet, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Letter's to Juliet
Letter’s to Juliet

Every year, thousands of people send cards to the address of Juliet, the heroine of the play, “Romeo and Juliet” on Valentine’s Day. Who wouldn’t love the young love birds who gave their everything to love?
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11. A kind of Chocolate Day!

Valentine Chocolate

Every year on Valentine’s Day, more than more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are sold.
Source: softschools.com

12. I love myself! I don’t give a fig about anyone else!

Valentine Day

15% of America’s women send flowers to themselves on Valentine’s Day every year. Come on, don’t judge them. If no one pampers us, let’s do it to ourselves, may it be a man or a woman!
Source: sheknows.com

13. The curious case of Red Roses!

Valentine Rose

The Red Rose is another thing that comes to mind when we think about Valentine’s Day. People started giving red roses on Valentine’s Day because it is the favorite of the love goddess, Venus.
Source: sheknows.com

14. A day for your pets!

Valentine Pets

Every year on Valentine’s Day, more than 10 million people buy gifts for their pets.
Source: softschools.com

15. Candies, Candies, and Candies!!!

Valentine Candies

The number of candy hearts that are used on Valentine’s Day is so large that they can be spread from Arizona to Italy and back.
Source: softschools.com, image: paperhouseproductions.com

16. Wear your heart on your sleeve!

Heart on the sleeves

In ancient times, men used to draw a name from a bowl filled with girls’ names, on Valentine’s Day and used to wear them all through the week. It is the reason the phrase, “wearing your heart on the sleeve” came into existence!
Source: softschools.com, image: flickr

17. The Story of Cupid!

Valentine Day Cupid

Cupid is the son of the renowned Venus (the Goddess of seduction and Love) and is considered the mini-God of love. On the Valentine’s Day, it’s believed that Cupid shoots arrows, hoping to make two people fall in love.
Source: msn.com, image: valentineday.co

18. The meaning of love? You haven’t got it, man!

Family of Henry VIII
Family of Henry VIII

King Henry, “the eighth,” declared a holiday on Valentine’s Day every year. Ironically, he is the same king who had got most of his wives executed because they did not give him a son!
Source: softschools.com, image: wikimedia.org

19. A tree that symbolizes the Love!

Julia, daughter of the jailor of St.Valentine, planted an almond tree near his grave and to this day, almond tree is considered to be a symbol of friendship and love!
Source: softschools.com

20. I want a goldfinch (with a hint of Sparrow)!!!


In some cultures, they say that the bird which goes over your head on Valentine’s Day says what type of husband you would get. A sparrow indicates a poor but loving husband, a goldfinch indicates a rich man, a Robin indicates a sailor and so on… what’s your choice?
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