13 Interesting Facts About Washington Monuments

Located in Washington D.C., the Washington Monument is the tallest building in Washington D.C. and the tallest obelisk in the world. The construction began back in 1848; this building was made to pay tribute to the 1st president of United States. However, it took a decade to finish this journey of accomplishment. It was the time of the nation’s 21st president when it got completed with a totally different design than it was expected to be. Today, it stands erect as one of the most prominent buildings in Washington D.C. Go on and read the following interesting facts about the majestic Washington Monument:

Washington Monuments
Washington Monument

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1. It’s Not Built As It Was Designed!

Original Design of Monument
Original Design of Monument

The original design for the monument was much different than what ended up being built. Initially, the design for the Washington Monument was given by Robert Mills but later on, the building was consequently completed by Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
source: history.com, image: cdn0.vox-cdn.com

2. The Tallest Before Eiffel Tower!

The Washington Monument was the tallest man-made structure in the world until it was outshined by the Eiffel Tower that got completed in 1889.
source: history.com

3. The Earthquake Of 2011

Crack in a stone at the top of the monument after the 2011 Virginia earthquake
Crack in a Stone at the top of the monument after the 2011 Virginia earthquake
Repairs on the Washington Monument in 2013
Repairs on the Washington Monument in 2013

On August 23, 2011, the Washington Monument witnessed a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. The natural disaster not just ruined a lot of things but also injured several visitors inside the building. The whole city incurred damage but Washington Monument was among the most significantly affected areas of Washington D.C.
source: nps.gov, image: Wikimedia.org, image: Wikimedia.org

4. Dedicated To Sir George Washington!

George Washington
George Washington

The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall man made obelisk in Washington, D.C. It was constructed to commemorate the first President of the nation, George Washington. He is the one who is known to be its most essential founding Father.
Source: Wikipedia, image: classconnection.s3.amazonaws.com

5. The Construction Was Halted!

The construction of the building took place in two phases. The work was halted from 1854 to 1877 due to a lack of funds in the nation as it was the time of the American Civil War. It was later resumed with a different plan.
source: Wikipedia

6. The First Elevator Ride!

The first elevator ride to the top of the Washington Monument took 20 minutes. Only men were allowed in the elevator as it was thought that the ride may not be safe for women and children.
source: sites.google.com

7. Can You Beat That?

Stairs in Monuments
Stairs in Monument

The fastest known ascent time through stairs is 6.7 minutes. It was noted in 2005.
source: georgetowner.com, image: georgetowner.com

8. The Rare Aluminum Cap!

Aluminum Cap at the Washington Monument
Aluminum Cap at the Washington Monument

The cap at the tip of the Monument is made out of aluminum which was a completely rare process at the time. It cost 225$ to make the same.
source: ihitthebutton.com, image: pabook2.libraries.psu.edu

9. The Same Trowel!

Portrait of George Washington handling trowel
Portrait of George Washington handling trowel

The trowel used to lay the cornerstone of the Washington Monument was the same trowel used by George Washington to lay the cornerstone at the Capitol in 1793.
source: ihitthebutton.com, image: washingtonembassygardens.files.wordpress.com

10. No Cement Holding It Upright

The obelisk is made up of granite and sandstone. Three different types of stones were used to build the Monument which included stones from Maryland and Massachusetts. There’s no cement holding the bricks of the Monument together.
source: american-historama.org

11. “Praise Be To God”

Laus Deo on right facade
Laus Deo on right facade

The words “Laus Deo” are engraved on the aluminum capstone. These words come from the old Latin Mass meaning “Praise be to God!”.
source: american-historama.org, image: churchpop.com

12. When A Genuine Protest Was Suppressed!

A person lighting the candle in the memory of Norman Mayer
A person lighting the candle in the memory of Norman Mayer

In 1982 Norman Mayer, a nuclear arms protester threatened to blow up the Washington Monument. The protester was shot and killed.
source: sites.google.com, image: prop1.org

13. See Over 30 Miles From The Top

Panoramic view of city from the washington Monument
Panoramic view of city from the Washington Monument

Once you get the top you can see over 30 miles. You can have the best panoramic view of the city from the top.
source: ihitthebutton.com, image: a57.foxnews.com