The language of Sanskrit has its roots in India and is the oldest language known to us. It is also believed to be the most systematic and technical language of all. It is sometimes referred to as the mother of all languages. The books are written by highly learned individuals from India hundreds of years ago and are being read and researched upon now. Here are some of the facts that depict why the language is so amazing after all:

Sanskrit Language

1. Less talk more work!

Out of all languages, only Sanskrit has the power to say something using the minimum amount of words.

2. The Language of Computers!

Sanskrit in computer technology

According to research, Sanskrit is one of the most suitable languages for the computers. It is considered to be very efficient in making algorithms. In a report given by a NASA scientist, it is said that the USA is creating the 6th and 7th generation Super Computers based on the Sanskrit language. The Project deadlines are 2025 and 2034 for 6th and 7th generation computers respectively.
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3. From Past to Future!

Sanskrit and NASA

A total of 17 countries including the US have Universities that are dedicated completely to Sanskrit and their sole purpose is research on the subject. There is a separate department in NASA as well to conduct research on the language of Sanskrit. With all that research, Sanskrit might really be the future.
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4. A Treasure of synonyms!

There are numerous synonyms for each word in the language of Sanskrit. For instance, a simple word like the elephant has about a hundred synonyms. English has only one word for love, Sanskrit has 96.

5. Phonetically accurate!

Sanskrit is perhaps the most accurate language phonetically and otherwise. It makes use of 49 types of sounds that make pronunciations of different kinds of words very distinct.
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6.The only unambiguous language!

According to NASA, Sanskrit is the only unambiguous language in the world meaning it is the only language that is not open to more than one interpretation of something.

7. Improves brain functionality!

Research suggests that learning of Sanskrit improves brain functioning. Students improve academically; they get better marks in subjects like Mathematics and Science which some people find difficult. It is because Sanskrit enhances memory power.                                     James Junior School in London has made Sanskrit compulsory. Students of this school are among the toppers in various fields and worldwide exams year after year. Some schools in Ireland also have made Sanskrit compulsory.
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8. The only Sanskrit newspaper!

Sudharma newspaper“Sudharma” is the only Sanskrit daily newspaper in the world. The newspaper has been published since 1970 from Mysore in Karnataka, India and is also available online.
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9. National Language of India!

Before the invasion of the Arabs, Sanskrit was the national language of the Indian Subcontinent.

10. A language of multiple religions!

Sanskrit and religion

Three world religions- Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism have adopted Sanskrit as their scholarly language.
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11. World’s oldest text is in Sanskrit!


The Vedas (written in the Sanskrit language) are among the world’s oldest written texts.
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