24 Interesting facts about Tigers

This beautiful beast with a red-orange golden skin is the biggest cat of the genus Panthera. The camouflage with black stripes on it, not only adds to its beauty but also protects it in the wild. The tigers range extends over Asia from Turkey in the west to Russia in the east. The body that weighs around 175 kilos (about 390 lbs)  can jump upon and throw the biggest of the preys on the ground. The longest of all cats, 3.5″ canines, strangles the neck down, while it wrestles down the prey. A tiger’s body is 11 ft (3.4 m) and the balancing tail is 1.1 m. Things have not been exactly smooth between tigers and our race. Humans killing for decoratives and medicines have been killed by tigers for food. They are getting extinct anyway, so may be we won’t have to worry about it for too long!


Source: wikipedia.com, Image: spiritanimals.com

1. Apex predator

apex bear

The tigers are at the top of the predators chain. No animal has tigers as their staple food at least. The tigers are not hunt by other animals, they can only be fought by the big cats probably to snatch food. The tigers normally feed on ungulates like deer but unlike other cats, tigers can kill the big animals on their own.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: youtube.com

2. Conflicts with humans


When it happens to be that the tigers and the humans are living ingeniously with one another, there can be an overlap with one another’s territory and the tiger certainly doesn’t like that. Neither do humans; but tigers have not been taking our lands. Too many of us on this planet may be!

The tigers have killed maximum number of animals in a direct attack. The tigers normally would attack a human in case they are startled; like a tiger was startled seeing the postman on a bicycle, who usually would be walking. They would naturally hunt humans if they are not strong enough to get their preferred prey. Like a tigress “Champawat Tiger” killed 430 humans because she was missing two canines.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: theexplora.com

3. Homeless Tigers!

The tigers have lost 93% of their original range and are now found only in sub-Saharan African region and in Gir National park in India mainly.

Source: wikipedia.com

4. Fallen population

The estimated present population of tigers is 3062 to 3948, which used to be 100,000 in the beginning of the 20th century. The remaining tigers exist in small isolated groups and 2000 tigers out of that are in India. In 2016, WWF declared that the population has been recorded to increase for the first time! This is new!

Source: wikipedia.com

5. The Charismatic Cat

Everyone recognizes tigers and even love the way this yellow eyed creature looks. It is the symbol of strength, aggression and power. In addition to that, muscular built and the fearlessness adds to its personality and that is why it is the mascot of a lot of teams and sometimes, the logo too.

Source: wikipedia.com

6. Ancestors

The tiger is related to lion, panther and jaguar, but it has been found that the tiger and snow leopard might have their roots going back to 2.88 million years old species Panthera.

7. Different Species

Tiger has 10 different types of species knwon as Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, Siberian, South China, Sumatran, Bali, Caspian and Javan tiger.

Source: wikipedia.com

8. Hybrids


The tiger has two hybrids mainly.

The Hybrid “Liger” is the mix of a male lion and and a female tiger. They are bigger than what the pure forms of both the species are. The liger weighs around 800 to 1000 pounds. They have the behavior and body of both the lion and the tiger. The male offspring is sterile and the female is fertile.

The “Tigon ” hybrid is a mix of a Lioness and the male tiger. This is smaller than the liger and in fact, is 10-20% smaller than the lion in its pure breed. They have the traits of both the parents and the males happen to be sterile whereas the female is fertile just like the liger.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: liger-hercules.com

9. The inseparable  camouflage


The golden fur and the distinctive pattern is not only on the fur, but is in the skin of the tiger. So even if you shave off a tiger, it’ll still has the color and the stripes and the safety.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: reddit.com

10. Communication

tiger ears

Their eyes are yellow and the ears have white spots at the back of it and are surrounded by black color, making an illusion for other predators. It is also a means of communication with other species and a source of protection too, as some animals might see the tiger as some other animal and be at disadvantage.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: theextrasuitcase.com

11.The skull test


Lions and tigers have similar skull except that the lion has wider nostrils. In order to differentiate between both the animals, the lower jaw is the reliable option. The canines of a tiger are the biggest than any other living fields.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: en.wikipedia.org

12. Comes in different sizes

The tigers vary in size more than the other five cats of the genus Panthera. The variation in size is quite elastic as compared to the lions. The largest tiger is the “Caspian” tiger which is now extinct. The tails of both the male and female tigers range from 0.6 to 1.1 m.

Source: wikipedia.com

13. Gender identity


Like lions, tigers are sexually dimorphic too. They don’t have a mane but they do have thick hair around their neck and jaw line.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: all-free-download.com

14. Color variation

There are color variations with the tigers.

four color beautiful tigers

The white tiger is only found in the Indian Bengal species. It was discovered in the early 19th century for the first time and a white tiger amounting to one in 10,000. They have blue eyes and are mostly captive to breed and efforts are made to save them from extinction.  There also is a white tiger without any stripes which happens to be so because of “pseudo-melanistic” effect.

golden tiger

Also known as “strawberry” sometimes, the other variation in the genes is the “golden” or the “golden tabby” color that the Golden Tigers” have.

There are reports about blue and a slate gray tiger too but nothing has been confirmed.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: wallpaperfinder.com, wunderpix.com

15. Tiger’s territory

tiger territory

The tiger has a huge range for his home. The male tiger has a territory covering 60-100 km square. The tigers’ area can overlap several female tigers’ area which can extend up to 20 km square. They mark their territory with urine and claw marks. The females would leave their scent or markings on the tree for the tigers to know the gender and reproductive status.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: discoverwildlife.com

16. Claiming territory

The young tiger either has to build a territory that is not occupied already, or it will have to live with a group and wait till it is strong enough to challenge the master. This is why the young tigers have the highest mortality rate ranging 30-35%.

Source: wikipedia.com

17. I need a dip!


Tigers are good swimmers and unlike the other panthera family, it deliberately takes a dip in the lake or a pond to keep it cool.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: desktopwallpaperhd.net

18. Not so selfish like Leo! (Lion)

Unlike with the lions, the cubs and other members of the family don’t have to wait for the tiger to finish eating, so that they can start to dig in their jaws.

Source: wikipedia.com

19.Tigers have a heart!

tiger-with-cubAnd pumping blood is not the only thing that it does. A Bengal tiger, Amur, has been noticed caring, protecting, feeding and even training three orphan cubs.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: whitewoldpack.com

20. Tigers need no body to hunt!

The tiger hunts alone and mostly at night. It uses its big body to push the prey off-balance and throw it on the ground.  The tiger attacks the neck of the prey while wrestling it down at the same time. It is not so common to see a cat hunting big animals alone, but the tiger does. He can kill animals of the big size but he generally attacks its young adults as things like horns can be dangerous for a tiger.

Source: wikipedia.com

21. Eats fresh!

The tiger usually like to eat what it hunts. But in crucial times, it does eat dead animals and steal prey from other predators. The smaller cats try not to have competition with the tiger as it can be fatal. The leopards save themselves from this by hunting at a different time. There are chancecs when nimals like bears and crocodiles can actually kill the tiger in a fight.

Source: wikipedia.com

22. The romantic November! 

The tigers can mate anytime but it is more common in November and April. The female is open for mating only for three to six days. The gestation period is for 93 to 112 days and the female gives birth to minimum one and maximum six cubs. The male might kill the cubs to mate with the female again, as the tigress can give birth in about five months. umm..

Source: wikipedia.com

23. Cute Cubs

cute cubs

The cubs are born blind and helpless and are raised by the female only. It keeps the cubs safe in a dense area of plants and bushes or in a stone den. The cubs open their eyes six to fourteen days after birth. They are nursed for three to six months depending on the cubs and the most active cub takes the lead and becomes independent quite quickly.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: reviewjournal.com

24. Beauty can be a curse!


Tigers have been killed by humans for their beautiful furry golden skin. A tiger running wearing that on will be far more beautiful to look at! They can’t capture that, so at least have the skin aye! Try killing a tiger without a gun someday!

There body parts have also been used to make pain killers and libido boosting sex pills. Kill for a kill!

Tiger skin was priced at US $4250 in an English market and the penis for US $300. People are hilarious! The black market is making tigers’ and humans’ lives black.

Source: wikipedia.com, Image: animal-crueltyindia.blogspot.com