16 Interesting Facts About Katie Ledecky

The undisputed Queen of the freestyle swimming, an Olympics gold medalist and the world records holder, Katie Ledecky is an inspiration for everyone to continue living the dream and set goals to reach your target. She has the passion, hunger and the dedication to make the success rain when she is in the water. She has held world records for the long course 400, 800 and 1500 m freestyle events. She also has recorded the fastest time for the 500, 1000 and 1650 yards freestyle swimming.

Katy at Riyo

She has come a far way and is still walking the walk to fame. Here are few interesting facts about the champion:

1. Hit the Bull’s eye at 15!

Ledecky at 15

Katie won her first gold medal when she was only 15 years old and recorded the second highest time for the 800 m event.

2. Got it all rolling in !

In total, she has won only fifteen medals, out of which, all were just gold. During her short, yet successful career, she has broken 11 world records. She has swim-picked these medals in the international events at the Olympics, World Championships and the Pan-Pacific Championships.

3. When you don’t have to define yourself anymore!


She has been titled as the “World Swimmer of the Year” and American Swimmer of the Year for three consecutive years in 2013, 2014 and 2015. She was also awarded the FINA Swimmer of the Year in 2013. L’Équipe titled her the international Champion of Champions in 2014. Also, she was the youngest person to be on Time 100 list of Time magazine.

4. An early bird to swim

Katie at a pool on Coronado Island, CA in 2006 (age 9)

She started swimming at the age of six as her brother’s influence inspired her to swim. She has been outstanding and setting records since school. In the Stone Ridge School, she held every record except 100 m backstroke.

5. Set for Stanford

Katie for Stanford

Ledecky has already accepted the scholarship from the Stanford University to attend the course and swim for coach Greg Meehan’s “Stanford Cardinal” swimming team for women.

6. The youngest entry

Katy kiddy

She was the youngest person to compete at the Olympics for swimming when she was 15.

7. Good as the legends and that too men!


She tied finishing time with Michael Phelps in the heats of Pro Swim Series at Mesa, Ariz.

8. That’s it ? Huh

She does 8-9 sessions a week and swims 8000 m in 2.5 hours. No less than any swimmer, if not more.

9. Claps before the laps

Katie diving

She has a ritual of clapping three times before every dive into the pool. She missed once but still won.

10. It’s the effort, not the outcome.

She does not let success sway her away. She identifies herself for the hard work that she puts in, not the success that she receives.

11. Nerdy for news!


Her father informed that she has a strong interest in the current affairs and follows all the presidential election action religiously.

12. Fast and Furious!

Katy Ledecky

She is so dominating in the events that other swimmers think they are contending only for the silver and bronze medals.

13. Aim for the moon and no less would do!

She sets ridiculous goals for herself which seem just impossible in the beginning but then seem to start achievable as she keeps swimming towards them. She’s ridiculous! No doubt!

14. No Mercy!

Cant help it

She does not mind shattering guys’ egos when she is cutting the lap times down. It’s like hunt or be hunted she believes. She is a sweet heart out of the pool, exclaims her teammate DiRado.

15. Pool is a pool and swimming is swimming.

Katie and water. Just that

It does not matter if she is swimming in the Olympics pool or back home in the local club’s pool, she just likes to swim and likes to swim fast.

16. Don’t sweat it guys!


She is achieving another level on so many levels. Ryan Lochte said, “She swims like a guy. Her stroke, her mentality: She’s so strong in the water. I’ve never seen a female swimmer like that. She gets faster every time she gets in, and her times are becoming good for a guy. She’s beating me now, and I’m, like, ‘What is going on?”