29 Interesting Facts About Madonna

Queen of the Island, she created the Island with her voice. Her name became a sensation, and she became an era, which led the world to ‘Take A Bow’ before her. ‘The Material Girl’ and ‘Queen Of POP,’ we are celebrating her name. Madonna Louise Ciccone, the American singer-songwriter, actress, and businesswoman; we call her as Madonna! Let’s give a ‘Ray Of Light’ to some facts about her:


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1. Madonna Of Bay City

Madonna was born on November 16, 1958, in Bay City, Michigan. She caused a controversy calling her town “Little smelly town in northern Michigan” in national television. But this was just half the truth, she followed the sentence by saying that she has got great affection for her town.
Source: mlive.com

2. Like Mother Like Daughter

Madonna is one of the six children of her parents. She was named after her mother ‘Madonna Louise’ who died of breast cancer when little Madonna was five. To differentiate her with her mother, the family called her ‘Little Nonnie.’
Source: Wikipedia

3. A Brilliant Student

Madonna was a straight-A student, and she got a dance scholarship from ‘The University of Michigan.’ She says she used to get good grades because she wanted to get out of her town and be somebody.
Source: BBC

4. Her $35 Story

When Madonna was 18, she left Detroit and moved to New York with just $35 in her pocket. That is what she says.
Source: washingtonpost.com

5. Dismissed From Job

Before earning fame, she used to make extra cash by selling ‘Dunkin Donuts’ in New York’s Time Square. But the job did not last for long as she was dismissed for squirting doughnut jelly at the customer. Once, she also posed in nude photography for art students for $30.
Source: mirror.co.uk

6. Not Enough For A Star

When Madonna moved to New York, she had to face years of struggle. She decided to audition for the musical theatre, where she heard the pay was good. She had no training in singing. So, she was rejected from every audition.
Source: ndtv.com

7. From Band To Going Solo

Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club

After several attempts, she finally got selected as a backup dancer and singer for French disco artist Patrick Hernandez in 1979. She formed ‘Breakfast Club’ with Dan Gilroy. She made several other bands including Madonna & The Sky, The Millionaires and Emmy until someone from Sire Records heard her and gave her, her first solo break.
Source: biography.com, Image: Wikimedia

8. Song That Never Would Have Happened

Madonna Holiday
Madonna Holiday

Her first single was ‘Everybody’ that came out on October 6, 1982. ‘Holiday’ was her first single that hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Madonna found out that a song she had recorded called “Ain’t No Big Deal” had already gone to disco act Barracuda, so the track was no longer an option. The Holiday was picked from scrap became the replacement.
Source: nypost.com, Image: Wikimedia

9. Advertisement That Barely Aired

Like A Prayer Madonna
Like A Prayer Madonna

Madonna once made an advertisement with Coca Cola, that barely aired. It was time when the music video of ‘Like A Prayer’ was released that was shot in catholic church. The scenes in her music video were too explicit for a church and hurt the religious sentiments of the people. The advertisement had to be stopped. She still got $5 million for her work.
Source: BBC

10. The Inspirer Of 80s Look

She has the credit of inspiring 80s fashion with her unique look. Thick lace tops, lots of bracelets, fishnets, crucifixes were the work of Maripol, an artist, film producer, and a stylist.
Source: Vogue

11. Madonna As An Actor

Her appearance in an obscure indie art film ‘A Certain Sacrifice’ from 1979 was unpromising. Her movie debut marks in 1985’s ‘Vision Quest,’ in which she had a cameo as a club singer. Her first starring movie was ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ in 1985. She has won the award for the Best Actress performance in Golden Globe for ‘Evita’ in 1996. She has been credited for more than 100 movies and Tv shows.
Source: billboard.com

12. Best! So Comes The Worst

Razzies Award
Razzies Award

Winning award for the worst actor is not enough. She has also won the Razzies (Golden Raspberry Award) for the worst actress.
Source: theguardian.com, Image: Wikimedia

13. Madonna Not In Walk Of Fame

In 1990, Madonna was nominated for star walk of fame, but she turned it down.
Source: Wikipedia

14. Marriage Is Always A Chaos

Dealing with marriage is not always that easy. She had been wife of Sean Penn from 1985 to 1989 and Guy Richie from 2000 to 2008. Apart from that, she has dated numerous personalities.
Source: gulfnews.com

15. Madonna And Happy Mother

She is the proud mother of six children. Her biological daughter Lourdes and son Rocco, and adopted children David and Mercy and twins Esterre and Stella.
Source: usatoday.com

16. A Strict Vegan

Madonna is a strict vegetarian since the age of 15. In an interview, she said that she fights her cravings to eat unhealthy food. She avoids oily and too cheesy.
Source: telegraph.co.uk

17. Author Madonna

Despite being an actor and singer, Madonna is also an author of notable books. Most famous being ‘English Roses’, a children book and ‘Erotica.’
Source: goodreads.com

18. I Worship You

Madonna was believed to be Jewish by the religious practices she does. She is a Catholic by birth; she expressed her belief to be rather of an Israelite than a Jewish. She believes that what she practices is deeper than religion, which embodies all the religion including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
Source: ynetnews.com

19. Name Is Mine

For years, a porn company was using madonna.com as its domain name. Madonna had to file a lawsuit against the company to get her name back.
Source: telegraph.co.uk

20. No DNA Should Be Left

Madonna is so overprotective of her DNA that once she appoints the DNA team, to completely remove all her DNA from the room.
Source: mirror.co.uk

21. Vogue Woman

Vogue by Madonna is the last minute song that was never meant to be a single but ended up being the most iconic song of the diva. Apart from that, the speciality of the song is that it features the name of 16 Hollywood icons. What’s most fascinating is that all of the Icons in the song she mentions are dead.
Source: CNN

22. The Celeb Gene Pool

celine dion
Celine Dion

Madonna is said to have been sharing the same gene pool with Celine Dion and Hillary Clinton.
Source: usatoday.com, Image: Wikimedia

23. Pope And Madonna

Madonna is a religious person and so does she respect Pope Francis. In a concert, she once even dedicated “Like A Virgin” to Pope. But it seems that the Pope doesn’t like the lady; he asked Christians not to attend her Blond Ambition Tour. He ended up cancelling one of her tours in Rome.
Source: time.com

24. Music Video That Wasn’t Broadcast

Some of Madonna’s music videos struck so much of controversies for its contents that they were banned by MTV. Some of them include What It Feels Like For a Girl, Erotica, Justify My Love, and Like a Prayer.
Source: hollywoodreporter.com

25. AKA Madonna

Madonna is often named as M, Mo, Maddy and even Nonnie. Out of which she hates the name ‘Madge,’ which people widely call her as. In an interview, she blurted out to not to call her by that name as her ex-husband used to call her that. It makes her feel “boring and middle-aged.” She even gave herself a Hebrew name “Esther.”
Source: telegraph.co.uk

26. Achievements Of The Queen

Leaving her controversies aside, she has the most successful careers of all female artists. She has been inducted in Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame 3 times. She has won 7 Grammy Awards, 20 Music Videos Awards including one Video Vanguard Award in 1986 becoming the first female artist to win that.
Source: Wikipedia

27. Queen Goes In Guinness Book

Madonna holds a total of ten records in Guinness Book Of World Records including best selling female artist and most successful female solo artist.
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com

28. $590 Million Girl

Madonna’s net worth in 2018 calculated $590 in the list of World’s Richest Self-Made Woman.
Source: Forbes

29. Her Name Will Live Forever In Organism

Echiniscus Madonnae or Water Bear is named in honour of Madonna. It is a species of water-dwelling organism. It can live in the worst conditions without water or food. Sounds similar to somebody’s character.
Source: Wikipedia