13 Interesting Facts About N Seoul Tower

Standing at the top of a bright and colorful skyscraper; admiring the panoramic view of the twinkling stars in the sky and shimmering lights in the land meeting at the horizon, filling your heart with utter bliss. Does that make your heart flutter? No? Walking hand in hand with your love and embarking your names in a souvenir, taking your love to everlasting eternity? Did it flutter? Never Mind! We’re going to talk about the most spectacular and exalted destination in Seoul. Let’s tour facts about N Seoul Tower:

N Seoul Tower
N Seoul Tower

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 1. Tower Of Seoul

N Seoul Tower is a communication and observation tower, located on the Namsan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea.
Source: seoulkoreaasia.com

2. Just What Do We Call It

N Seoul Tower is commonly known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower. Upon its merger with CJ Corporation, the name of the Tower was changed to N Seoul(official name CJ Tower) in 2005 where N stands for Nature, Namsan or New.
Source: Wikipedia

3. Landmark Of Seoul

Namsan Tower was built in the year 1969 as the first radio wave tower in South Korea, providing broadcasting for radio and Tv in Seoul. It was its opening to the public in 1980 when the tower became a landmark of Seoul.
Source: Wikipedia

4. Highest Point Of Seoul

Elevated at the height of 236 metres (774 ft), the tower forms the second highest point of Seoul.
Source: Wikipedia

5. Top 500 Attractions Of The World

N Seoul Tower is ranked in one of the top 500 attractions of the world.
Source: ytn.co.kr

6. Reverse Phenomena

The tower is the place where you can see a panoramic view of Seoul. Similarly, the tower is visible from various point throughout Seoul.
Source: discoveringkorea.com

7. Lightening The Tower

Colorful Namsan Tower
Colorful Namsan Tower

The tower offers the latest LED technology making it enchanted destination of the visitors. It does light shows like “Reeds Of Light” and “Shower Of Light.” It continually changes its colors and pattern according to seasons.
Source: visitseoul.net, Image: Flickr

8. Colors Of The Tower

Red Color on World Blood Donation day
Red Color on World Blood Donation day

The tower is illuminated blue if the air quality in Seoul goes 45 or less, which means air quality is good. It is illuminated Green on Allure Green Campaign, representing the love of nature. It is lit Red on the World Blood Donation Day.
Source: nseoultower.co.kr, Image: Wikimedia

9. Darkness Engulfs It Once A Year

On the World Earth Day, in order to promote awareness for energy conservation, the lights in towers are shut down for a day bringing darkness in Namsan Range.
Source: nseoultower.co.kr

10. Make A Wish

If you need a lover, or progress or anything, drop a coin in Wishing Pond of Namsan Tower and make a wish. Who knows if your wish will come true or not? But the coins collected from the ponds are donated to develop schools throughout Asia.
Source: agoda.com

11. Love To Eternity

Padlocks of Love in N Seoul Tower
Padlocks of Love in N Seoul Tower

Namsan is most famous amongst the visitors for “Locks Of Love.” Many of the love-dovey’s and families go there to lock their love for eternity. Out of all the 40 attractions around the world with Padlocks of Love, Namsan is surely one of them.
Source: korea.net, Image: Flickr

12. The Luxury Of N Tower

Namsan Tower has 1 cafe and 3 restaurants including famous Hancook (Korean Restaurant) and N. Grill, the french restaurant that is located in the highest point at N tower. What’s worth wondering is that it’s rotating. Apart from that, it has sky restrooms in observation level.
Source: nseoultower.co.kr

13. A Popular Filming Location

It is also one of the popular filming locations in K-dramas. It has been featured in iconic K-drama ever “Boys Over Flowers.”
Source: sbs.com