13 Interesting Facts About Nami Island

Imagine yourself being hit by constant waves of motherly love of nature standing in between flora and fauna. Seeing the nature work so harmoniously with every element of Nami Island is breathtaking and might even make you lose your senses. Every season seems to increase the beauty of being in Namiseom. Let us explore the air of Nami Island:

Nami Island
Nami Island

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1. The Country Of Floating Trees

Nami Island or Namiseom is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in Chuncheon, Gangwon province of South Korea. It is a representative sightseeing spot of  South Korea that welcomes more than 3 million people each year.
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2. The Deflowered Zone Which Bloomed

Nami Island was originally a barren land that was formed as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. Luckily, Suh Jae Bong, a supporter of Korean Art and Culture brought the land and started the tree plantation and Resort building.
Source: visitkorea.or.kr

3. The General That Would Bring Misfortune

Nami Island was named after the deceased General Nami, who died at the age of 28 being falsely accused of treason, during the reign of King Sejo, Seventh King of Joseon Dynasty. The grave of the General was supposed to be in this place, but his grave was never discovered instead a pile of stones was found. It was believed that if anyone takes these stones, they will bring misfortune to their family.
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4. The Island Had To Face Crisis

In 1966, KyungChun Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established as the comprehensive resort. It was found to be under financial crisis in the late 1990s. To overcome the recession, the name of the company was changed to Nami Island Co. Ltd.
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5. If You Think You Can Go There Easily

If you think to be in South Korea and can easily visit Nami Island; you cannot! Why? Because Nami Island is a micronation. You will have to issue a Visa for entering there. It was declared a self-governing body in the year 2006. It has its own passport, currency, telephone card and stamp.
Source: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com

6. The Place Was A Thrash Until

Kang Woo-Hyon, the CEO of Nami Island, transformed the Nami to what it is today. The trash was used to build this place, for examples plastic bottles were pressed into tiles and plastered in bathroom walls.
Source: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com

7. The Charm Of Namiseom

The Trail In Nami
The Trail In Namiseom

The Charm of Nami Island is the trail lined by Metasequoia trees. They are one of the reasons that Nami is an all-season trip.
Source: visitkorea.or.kr, Image: Wikimedia

8. Wondering How To Reach Nami

If you enjoy waters, you can take the ferry or you can either choose to fly, with Zip Wires. A special train was also introduced from Seoul to Gangwon-do, the very first stop is Nami Island.
Source: koreatodo.com

9. The Connection Of Nami Island With UNICEF

In December 2010, Nami Island was designated as UNICEF child-friendly park. There are only 14 such parks in the world, Nami being one of them.
Source: namisum.com

10. One Thing You Will Never Find In Nami

You will never find Telephone Poles in Nami Island. To keep the natural spirit of the landscapes, all the electric wires were built underground.
Source: visitkorea.or.kr

11. The Island Of Love

Snow Sculptures From Winter Sonata
Snow Sculptures From Winter Sonata

A very popular K-drama was filmed in the land of Nami named “Winter Sonata.” You can find ‘Winter Sonata’ everywhere, including statues. One of the popular attraction there is the snowman that the main characters from the drama built together. Maybe this is the reason; you will mostly find couple dating there.
Source: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com, Image: Flickr

12. The Island Inspired Malaysian Tourism

Until 2012, there were two nameless islets near the famous Malaysian resort island of Langkawi. The Langkawi Development Authority and along with Nami Island Inc. named one of the islets as Nami Island after Nami Island in Korea.
Source: koreaherald.com

13. International Events In Nami

Nami has advertised itself internationally ever since it declared itself as a self-governing body. Even the other nations are willing to host their cultural showcase in the country. Nami Island was one of the destinations when India held its first festival in South Korea.
Source: koreajoongangdaily.joins.com