26 Interesting Facts About The Pyramids of Giza

Located on the west bank of the Nile River, the Pyramids were among the seven wonders of the Ancient World. Even if, they are not on the list of new seven wonders, but they still catch the attention of millions of tourists each year. Having been constructed around the early dynastic period, the pyramids are still intact and able to take you back in History through one visit. Aimed to house the tombs of deceased Pharaohs, the great Pyramids were the places where the Pharaohs began their new Journey afterlife. To know more, let us read some more amazing and interesting facts about one of the Ancient Wonders, the Pyramids of Giza.

Pyramids of Giza
Image: Pixabay

1. Oldest Of All Wonders

Aerial view of Pyramids of Giza
Aerial view of Pyramids of Giza

The Great Pyramids of Giza are the oldest of all wonders of the World. The construction dates back to 2500 BC when the first dynasties or kingdoms originated in the World.
Source: softschools.com, Image: Wikimedia

2. Among Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World

The period of the ancient world lasted from the third millennium BC to the third century BC. During that period, the Great Pyramid of Giza was among the old seven wonders of the world. It took around 20 years to be completed.
Source: wonders-of-the-world.net

3. Tombs Of Egyptian Pharaohs

Step Pyramid of Djoser
Step Pyramid of Djoser

The pyramids house the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaohs who rule over the Egyptian Kingdoms. However, tombs of the Egyptian kings were constructed underground for many years before the Pharaoh Djoser built a step pyramid in Saqqara.
Source: mentalfloss.com, Image: Wikimedia

4. Made Up Of Limestone

Pyramids of Giza are made up of limestones
Pyramids of Giza are made up of limestones

The great pyramids were made up of limestones. They were built with about 2.3 million stone blocks and it is thought that they weigh about 5.9 million tonnes.
Source: softschools.com, Image: Flickr

5. Tallest For Thousands Of Years

According to archaeologists, it was the tallest man-made structure in the world for about 3, 800 years.
Source: ancient-code.com

6. A Complex Of Pyramids

The Pyramid of Khafre
The Pyramid of Khafre

The Giza pyramid complex comprises three great pyramids; Khufu/Cheops, Khafre/ Chephren, Menkaure/Mykerinos, the Great Sphinx, many cemeteries, a worker’s village, and an industrial complex. The Great Pyramid of Giza or Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops is the largest of all three pyramids. It’s ancient name was Khufu’s Horizon. It is said that the pyramid of Khufu was constructed by Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. The Pyramid of Khafre is the second largest pyramid in the complex.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Flickr

7. Walk To East And West Fields

View of the Giza Plateau
View of the Giza Plateau

The Giza West Field is located to the west of Khufu Pyramid on the Giza Plateau and the Giza East Field is situated to the east of Khufu Pyramid.
Source: revolvy.com, Image: Wikimedia

8. Pyramids Are Contracting

Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu
Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu

The Great Pyramid of Giza is shrinking. its original height was 481 feet or 146.5 meters. However, due to the erosion for thousands of years, pyramid lost some of its height and today it stands at 455 feet or 138.8 meters.
Source: factslegend.org, Image: Flickr

9. Wall Around France

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The Great Pyramid Of Giza contains enough stones to build an almost 2 feet high and 1-foot thick wall around France.
Source: factslegend.org, GIF: Giphy

10. Stones Are Heavier

Heavy Stones of Pyramid
Heavy Stones of Pyramid

The great pyramid has more than 2 millions of stones. These stones weigh from 2 to 30 tons each and there are even some blocks that weigh over 50 tons.
Source: ancient-code.com, Image: Wikimedia

11. New Journey After Life

These pyramids were constructed to tomb the pharaohs of Egypt who reigned over the Kingdom of Egypt. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that there was a new life after death. So, all the important goods and treasure used to be put with the corpse in the tomb.
Source: mentalfloss.com

12. Base Is Square

Pyramids of Giza aerial view
Pyramids of Giza aerial view

The base of the great pyramids is a perfect square. Each side of square is about 756 feet and the base covers an area of 13 acres of land that can accommodate nearly 10 football/Soccer fields.
Source: factslegend.org, Image: Flickr

13. 203 Steps To Top

In order to reach the top or summit of the pyramid, it will take 203 steps to reach the top.
Source: factslegend.org

14. How They Made It?

One face of Pyramid
One face of Pyramid

It is hard to imagine how Egyptians made such a huge structure without facilities. They had no modern machinery; no cranes, no lorries, no electric saws, no electricity at all. They didn’t even have the iron for their chisels – just copper, which is a very soft metal. They did not even have wheels!
Source: timetrips.co.uk, Image: world-pyramids.com

15. Skilled Labor Behind The Construction

Historians and Archaeologists believe that more than 20,000 skilled workers including stone masons, architects, engineers, surveyors, builders, and other craftsmen constructed the great pyramid of Khufu.
Source: mentalfloss.com

16. Lion With Human Head

The great Sphinx with the Pyramid of Giza
The Great Sphinx with the Pyramid of Giza

Near all pyramids, the great sphinx lies. The great sphinx is a statue of Lion with the human head. It is commonly referred to as the Sphinx of Giza or just the Sphinx. The Sphinx is a mythical creature in Egyptian mythology. It had a lion’s body with the human head.
Source: britannica.com, Image: nymphetteindia.com

17. Inside The Pyramids

The grand gallary inside the great pyramid of Giza
The grand gallery inside the great pyramid of Giza

There are several tunnels and rooms inside the great pyramid. Apart from it, it has the Queen’s Chamber, the King’s Chamber, the grand gallery, the air shaft, etc.
Source: timetrips.co.uk, Image: abcnews.go.com

18. Slightly Curvy

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only one which has been built with concave sides. This means that all four side curve in slightly.
Source: softschools.com

19. Related Astronomy

Three Pyramids are aligned with Orion
Three Pyramids are aligned with Orion
Stars of Orion Constellation
Stars of Orion Constellation

The Great Pyramid of Khufu, The Pyramid of Menkaure, the Pyramid of Khafre are precisely aligned with the constellation of Orion.
Source: ancient-code.com, Image: tripadvisor.com.ph, Flickr

20. Miracle Of Casing Stones

When the pyramids were built, the entire structure was covered with the casing stones. Casing stones were actually limestones that were extremely well polished. Due to the casing stones, the pyramids were able to reflect the rays of the Sun and were very bright. Due to their brightness, Egyptians used to call them, ‘Ikhet‘ means ‘glorious light.’
Source: factslegend.org

21. A Giant Door For Entry

Swivel Entry Gate
Swivel Entry Gate

The Great Pyramid is the only pyramid to have three swivel doors. Although the door weighed around 20 tons, it was easily opened from the inside with just one hand.
Source: interestingengineering.com, Image: Wikimedia

22. Arabs Broke Into The Pyramid

In 820 AD, the Arab forces first ented the Pyramid. The only thing found in the pyramid was an empty granite box in the King’s chamber. It was also damaged by Arabs and some stones were also theft for building mosques.
Source: ancient-code.com

23. No Record

There is no record found about the Pyramid. No drawing, no artefact, no inventory, no picture has been found about it.
Source: factslegend.org

24. At The Top Of The Center Of Earth

Geographical Center of Earth shown in red point
Geographical Center of Earth shown as red point

The Great Pyramid sits at the top of the geographical center of Earth which is situated in Egypt. The Geographical center is the superficial barycenter of the mass distribution.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: worldatlas.com

25. On The West Of The Longest River

Pyramids can be seen from the Nile river
Pyramids can be seen from the Nile river

The pyramid complex is situated near the west bank of the world’s longest river, Nile.
Source: britannica.com, Image: Wikimedia

26. UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1979, the whole complex became the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Source: whc.unesco.org