15 Interesting Facts About Seoul

With a variance of culture, Sports, cuisine, or economy, South Korea has landmarked its name over the world. K-pop is storming the music from around the globe through the fame of BTS or PSY. We talk about the city where the dreams take their shape. Seoul, the soul of South Korea and its capital city. If you ever plan to go there, let us be enlightened about Seoul:

Seoul Skyline
Seoul Skyline

Image: Flickr

1. I. Seoul. U

I. Seoul. U
I. Seoul. U

Seoul Special City is the capital city and the largest metropolis of South Korea. It is ranked as the fourth largest metropolitan economy of the world, even larger than London and Paris.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Flickr

2. Seoul, Seoul, Seoul

Joseon Kings must be like, “Why think so much? Just name it Seoul!” In English, Seoul translates to “The Capital City.”
Source: aminoapps.com

3. Story Of Seoul

Seoul was founded in 18 century CE by people of Baekje, one of three kingdoms of Korea. Later it was designated as the capital city under the Joseon Dynasty.
Source: Wikipedia

4. City For The Workaholics

South Korea developed massively after the demure of Korean War becoming one of the largest economies of the world. The credit goes to work culture, with countries OECD ranking 2,357 hours per year. With the most populated city of South Korea, Seoulites are the biggest workaholics. The government had to force the law to reduce the working hours of the employees.
Source: Forbes

5.  Happy Birthday Seoul

Hi Seoul Festival
Hi Seoul Festival

Seoul has its birthday celebration known as “Seoul Street and Art Festival,” originally named as “Hi Seoul Festival” in 2013. It is the festival celebrating 600 years of Seoul as the capital city.
Source: theseoulguide.com, Image: Wikimedia

6. The Wall Of Defence

Seoul Fortress Wall, Naksan
Seoul Fortress Wall, Naksan

One of the scenic and favorite walking trails of Seoul, the Seoul Fortress wall was constructed by King Taejo, founder of Joseon dynasty in 1396. The wall was built with eight entry gates to the kingdom. It was a defensive wall designed in protection from the enemies.
Source: koreaherald.com, Image: Wikimedia

7. In Guinness Talks

Bukhansan Mountain
Bukhansan Mountain

Bukhansan Mountain is a mountain in northern Seoul and was designated as the National Park in 1983. It holds the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the national park with the highest number of visitors in per square foot.
Source: visitkorea.or.kr, Image: PixaBay

8. World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

Lotte World
Lotte World

Seoul serves for the world’s largest indoor theme park “Lotte World.”
Source: archive.org, Image: Wikimedia

9. City For The One Fed-up Of Buffering

If you kill your time on the internet and then buffering kills your mood; here’s a suggestion, go to Seoul. It serves with the world’s fastest internet speed.
Source: timesfreepress.com

10. City Of The Future

With the headquarters of the big companies like LG, Samsung, and Hyundai, Seoul is surely a techno-city. If lost in the airport, its robots will guide you; they are even introducing 5G, 1000 times faster than LTE and self-driven buses or smart homes. You need to watch out for Seoul.
Source: cnbc.com

11. Enjoy The Traditions With Modernism

Seoul Lantern Festival
Seoul Lantern Festival

When in Seoul, visit in month October to walk in the park in Seoul Eulalia Fest or in spring to see the cherry gardens in full bloom in Seoul Flower Fest. You can visit in October and September in the International Firework Festival, or you can light the lanterns in November in Lanterns Festival.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Flickr

12. World Heritage Sites

Changdeokgung Palace Complex
Changdeokgung Palace Complex

Changdeokgung Palace Complex and Jongmyo Shrine in Seoul, are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Source: unesco.org, Image: Flickr

13. The Unfolding Sky

Seoul is residence to Starfield COEX Mall, Asia’s largest underground mall.
Source: tripadvisor.in

14. Moonlight Rainbow & Bridge

Banpo Bridge, Seoul
Banpo Bridge, Seoul

In Guinness Book of World Record “Banpo Bridge” in Seoul, is listed as World’s largest fountain bridge.
Source: guinnessworldrecords.com, Image: Flickr

15. Locks Of Love

Top Of Namsan Tower
Top Of Namsan Tower

Have you heard of locking your love? Namsan Tower, Korea’s first integrated transmission tower beaming television and radio broadcasts across the capital, is one of the main attractions in Seoul. The fascinating thing is that there is a wooden deck situated at the top of Namsan Tower, famous amongst lovers. There, couples attach their padlocks to the fence in the portrayal of their affection.
Source: visitkorea.or.kr, Image: Flickr