34 Amazing Facts About Slovakia

Writing about Slovakia means pretty picturesque pictures all around. But besides the beautiful pictures of the country, what do we actually know about it? Slovakia is in Europe but most people know about the hot tourist places which often do not include Slovakia. However, after knowing about this country, you would probably change your mind and it’ll probably also have a place in your bucket list too! One thing I can assure you of is that this land is full of history and historical places. It constitutes of many castles and palaces and you will never find a place as bountiful as this one that you will probably wonder why didn’t you visit it already?

Moving further, we have sorted out the problem for you by listing some amazing facts about this country that you had no clue about. However, if you have already been here, do let us know what else you find interesting down in the comment section and we’ll for sure include them. So read on and plan your itinerary accordingly and thank us later.

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1. Oldest Underground with Oldest Pharmacy


Do you know about the largest underground complex in Central Europe? Well, it comprises of the cellar under the castle Cerveny Kamen which includes one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe that was established here in 1649.

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2. Name Days Like Your Birth Days

It is a birthday for someone every day! The country has a name or two assigned for each day of the year and surprisingly so, it is even mentioned in the calendars! This insinuates that there is a party for you when your name comes up just like you have it on your birthday.

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3. Moving Monuments

Are you shocked too hearing about the moving monuments? Well, let’s chat more about this unique creation further. An 8.5m long Bethelem with moving figures were crafted and is now placed in the House of Mercy in Rajecka Lesna. Interestingly, the whole monument took 15 years to built. That’s quite a time.

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4. The One True Solar Clock

Slovakia has the solar clock that shows the accurate solar time and it is the only one of its kind. It is located in Stara Bystrica. In addition to this, it also has the largest wooden statue in Slovakia.

Source: slovakia.travel
5. Churches Made Outta Wood?

There are approximately 50 churches made out of wood that stand tall throughout the country of Slovakia. They are so well-preserved and are also a part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO. The most fascinating part about it is that it is done in all wood and not even a single nail is used. The oldest of them all is the church of St. Francis of Assisi which was constructed in the year 1500. It is located in Hervatov (near Bardejov).

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6. Love for Horses

Just like wooden churches, there is also a horse, but instead of the wood, it is entirely made up of stainless steel. Not only this, but it is also considered to be the highest statue of the animal in the whole wide world. The location of it is in the Sport and Congress Center in Samorín-Cilistov. It weighs a whopping 20 tonnes with a height of 9 meters.

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7. The Work of the Devil

In Slovakia, even the Devil has its own rock. Quite unique and phenomenal, isn’t it? It is actually a mushroom rock named Devil’s Rock. It is located on the nature trail near the Budca village (Zvolen). It can be seen as a large and rounded rock that stands on a petite surface of a high hill. It is quite photogenic and the view is just arresting.

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8. More Fresh Water

Slovakia stands at number two position after Austria when it comes to having the largest natural freshwater reserves. High-Quality water flows freely from every tap in the country and so who needs a water purifier, right? The freshwater is essentially the underground reserves of Zitny Ostrov.

Source: localhistories.org
9. The Real Treasure

You can spot an actual treasure at the Vychodoslovenske museum. Approximately 3,000 gold coins, meters long gold chains and various other medals and accessories were found during construction activity in Kosice. The gold treasure is said to belong to the 17th century.

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10. Unique Geysers

Besides Iceland, where you can find water geysers, there are active water geysers in Slovakia too. These geysers squirt water to a height of 15 meters and blast it every one and a half day.

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11. Most Beautiful Women in the World

According to some research, Slovakian women are considered to be one of the top three countries with the most beautiful women in the whole world. Ask any Slovak and they will tell you how much pride they feel with their blonde heritage.

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12. Highest Wooden Altar

There is the highest wooden altar in the world situated in an old and medieval town called Levoča. The construction of this altar is accredited to Master Paul. The location of this monumental piece is the church of St. James, the little historical center of the city. Once again, just like the churches mentioned above, this altar was also made without any single nail. Probably because of this and a few other additions, the entire town center is also incorporated in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Source: nationsencyclopedia.com
13. An Abundance of Mineral Springs

It already has freshwater and geysers, but in addition to this, the country also has various sources of mineral water and therapeutic thermal springs. Most of them are used for healing and recreation purposes in almost 21 spa resorts. It is very distinctive from the US thermal springs as they are mostly viewed as a thing of luxury and are super expensive. The springs in Slovakia are affordable and long-lasting. The benefits of springs have been relished by the Romans, Celts and Ludwig van Beethoven, who visited the spa town of Piešťany to savor the incredible effects.

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14. A Diverse Nation

Slovakia has almost 9 national parks and 14 protected areas which are truly a traveler’s paradise. A trip to Slovakia would not be completed if a trip to these parks or landscapes and the mountains of High Tatras (with some spellbound peaks that range 2500m and beautiful glacier lakes that were formed thousands of years ago) is not in your itinerary. The list does not end here, there are other magnificent places including Slovak Paradise with its wild canyons Low Tatras with its impenetrable mountainous grasslands and stunning valleys in Little Fatra and Pieniny.

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15. Free Travels

It is a great rule that has been implemented since November 2014 that all children, students (less than 26 years of age), widows and senior citizens are allowed to travel using the means of the national railway system for free. The people in the above categories must be a citizen or permanent residents of the countries that are the member states of the European Union. The process is fairly simple, all you need is to register at the cash desk to receive a buyer card that will be exclusive to you. You, then, are required to ask for a zero-fare ticket for a particular destination and enjoy your ride.

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16. Midpoint of Europe

The midpoint of Europe lies here in Slovakia! Wonder what’s the exact location? Well, it is located in the village Kremnické Bane, right adjacent to the St. John Baptist Church. What is unfortunate is the fact that it the only one in the line. It is because of different kinds of calculations that there are other countries involved in this list who are proud of being the midpoint of Europe. Extra 7 European hamlets declare to host this imaginary midpoint as well. For instance, a famous recreational place in the ski resort of Krahule near the village Kremnické Bane is also named ‘The Centre of Europe’.

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17. Currency Facts

Slovakia is one of the countries that not only belongs to the European Union but also to the list of Eurozone countries. The older currency of Slovak, Koruna (SKK), was retrieved from circulation in 2009 and it was replaced by a new currency- the European Euro (EUR). Slovakia is thus an advantage over all the countries except Austria that surround it since they use their own currency. Hence, it holds a profitable position for foreign travelers and tourists.

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18. Bordering Two Countries

The Capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, borders two countries, Austria and Hungary. This makes Bratislava the only capital on the whole planet to border two independent countries. Besides, Vienna, the capital of Austria, is at a distance of 60 kilometers only. Both these cities are established at the banks of the river Danube. There is a river cruise if that’s what you’re wondering from Vienna to Bratislava that takes only 90 minutes to reach the destination.

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19. Folk Architecture 

The scenic hamlet of Čičmany in the northern parts of Slovakia has a rank of the world’s premier reservation of folk architecture. Encompassed by huge cliffs, the hamlet is renowned particularly for its ancestral wooden dwellings. The partitions of these timber residences are adorned with white geometrical designs. Similar patterns can be located on the traditional folk outfits of the villagers. There are more than 130 houses that belong to this historic preservation division.

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20. Largest Number of Caves

It is quite true that there have been numerous caves that are discovered in Slovakia. If you need an exact number, I would say that it is probably around six thousand in number. The caves are quite scenic and can be discovered in the national parks of Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise, and Slovak Karst. The caves stand as a symbol of the true wonders of nature. There are two caves in particular that have made some headlines. The first is the Ochtinska Aragonite Cave, which is the only aragonite cave that has been discovered in Europe. The second one is Krasnohorska cave whose 34 meters high column is placed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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21. Highest Number of Castles and Chateaux

As we’ve already mentioned, there are multiple forts, palaces, castles and chateaux which are the most interesting things about Slovakia. It has always been the talk of the town for years! Just picture a ridiculous number of 180 castles and 425 chateaux in a country with the complete settlement that is more diminutive than the city of New York! The real work of art is medieval Spiš Castle, which attracts thousands of visitors on a regular basis. It is one of the largest castles in Europe and has registered a place in UNESCO World’s Cultural and Natural Heritage.

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22. A Very Old Toy

One of the oldest toys in Europe was discovered right here in Slovakia in the archaeological site near Kosice. It was recovered from the grave of a child (of course) and resembled a pushcart with four wheels. It has been estimated to be from the period of 1600 B.C. It is now set for display in the Archaeological Institute of SAV in Kosice.

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23. Known for Its Folk Dances

Slovak Folk Dance is one of the most fascinating things about the country. The different styles and colors of the costume is an inspiration from the region which it belongs to and a certain way of life. As a matter of fact, there are numerous folk groups in the country. The dances are marked by features such as briskness, temperamental, and following the tunes of the instruments such as cymbalo, violin, and bass. The folk performances can be witnessed at the community festivals during the summer times.

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24. Run While You Can

There’s a traditional marathon that is also the oldest one in Europe called the Kosice Peace Marathon. It is in line for the world’s oldest marathon in the second position after the Boston Marathon. The race is a yearly event that is held on the first Sunday of October month in Kosice.

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25. Slovakian Cheese

Slovakia has a national dish called the “Bryndzové halušky”. The better aspect of it is the cheese which is a fermented cheese made from sheep’s milk and is called “bryndza”. The dish is made out of potatoes with fried bacon sprinkled on the top. It is a unique dish but is available in all parts of Slovakia. It is quite popular too and is a staple of most of the restaurants. However, one ought to keep an eye for the authentic version since many different versions are available too.

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26. The First Writing System Was Created Here!

Slovakia has been inhabited by distinct groups of people who have conquered the area for thousands of years. The Celts conquered the country during the period of modernization in Slovakia in 450 B.C. It was then when the first system of writing, known as Biatec, was created.

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27.  Finally an Independent Nation!

Modern-day Slovakia can be sketched back to the Great Moravian Empire. This Empire was founded in the 9th century. When Great Moravia was at its zenith, it incorporated portions of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. After the Empire failed, Slovakia became a member of the Hungarian Kingdom for over 1,000 years. After WWI, Slovakia became a division of the autonomous country of Czechoslovakia. Their primary leader, Tomas Masaryk, was selected in 1918. Following WWII, Czechoslovakia became a manikin communist nation of the Soviet Union. Subsequent to the downfall of the Soviet Union in 1989, Czechoslovakia matured to be free. The Slovaks and Czechs settled peacefully for a separation. This event is recognized as the Velvet Divorce. After this division, Slovakia converted into a completely self-governing nation in 1993. Following this, it entered the European Union in 2004.

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28. All For Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s, the master of pop art, parents grew up in Medzilaborce, an enigmatic Slovakian town. Therefore, it has now become the second-largest place for collection of his works, Pittsburg being the first. There are other notable people who belong to the Slovak heritage which include the actress Audrey Hepburn, and Angelina Jolie, along with the singer, Jon Bon Jovi.

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29. One of the Lowest Birth Rates

The women in Slovakia have 1.3 children, on average. According to the World Bank, the country has one of the lowest rates in the world (It is 1.8 in the UK, and in Niger, which tops the charts, it is 7.6)

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30. Enjoying the Drink a Little Too Much

Slovakia tops one more chart of being the booziest nations. It comes under the list of top 10 booziest nations of the world. According to the reports generated by the World Health Organisation,  the average adult consumes an equivalent of 13 liters of alcohol every year. Belarus holds the number one position with 17.5 liters per adult every year.

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31. Totally Landlocked

Slovakia is covered up from all the sides and once again makes its way through another list which consists of the 45 landlocked countries in the world.

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32. Shortest Flight

FlyNiki, a Vienna based airline, has claimed to operate the world’s quickest international ride. The destination is from Vienna to Bratislava. It is a 10-minute ride in the air. However, this ride has been discontinued. Vienna and Bratislava are known to be the world’s closest capital with a distance of 60 kilometers between them.

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33. Early Marriage

If you can not wait to get married, Slovakia is the place for you. The women here marry when they are quite young and this is averaged at 24 years old within the European Union. Similarly, in line are the women from Lithuania and Poland.

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34. Mail Rituals

The team of Slovak and Slovenian embassies gathers once a month with their associates to swap wrongly-addressed letters!

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