31 Interesting Facts About South Korea

Advanced technology running hand in hand with its old customs and traditions; a fast-growing economy with rich cultural heritage and interesting history that has made, South Korea one of the popular destinations for the tourists. Not only Korea’s popular K-pop culture but food, its constant approach towards development and unique attractions that has compelled people to naturally be inclined to this wonderful country. Here are some facts related to South Korea that might dazzle your brains:south korea

Image: Wikimedia

1. Adultery No Longer A Crime


You could have been imprisoned for 2 years if you were found guilty of committing adultery in South Korea. South Korean Constitutional Committee overturned this Law in the year 2015. Thankfully, men can be safe after cheating their wives now.
Source: CNN, Image: aolcdn.com

2. Once A Soldier, Always A Soldier

kim soo hyun

Males in South Korea should enlist in compulsory military service between the age of 21-28 for a period of at least 21-24 months. Women are not required to do that but may perform voluntarily.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: narvii.com

3. What Is Your Blood Type?

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Asking a person their blood group in Korea is considered completely normal. Koreans believe that your blood type contributes to your personality. They ask it to check whether you will be compatible with them. It usually happens while making friends or starting a relationship.
Source: koreanclass101.com, GIF: Tenor

4. Your Korean Will Always Be different

Traditionally, in Korea, you are already a year old when you are born and your age increase not with your birthday but with the lunar new year in Korea. So, if you are born in the 4th of February, and new year marks on 5th of February; you will be turning two the next day.
source: BBC

5. It’s My Birthday Soup


Ever imagined to have soup on your birthday instead of cake? When a woman delivers a baby, she is given the ‘Miyeok-guk (미역국) or seaweed soup.’ This soup is the birthday soup in Korea. It is taken as a tradition to pay respect to one’s mother and is served to guests as a birthday celebration.
Source: Wikipedia, Image: Pixabay

6. Kimchi: IF You Think If I’m A Loner


There are more than 200 known varieties of Kimchi.
Source: foodfacts.mercola.com, Image: Pixabay

7. What Will You Give For Housewarming?

toilet papers

If you are going for a housewarming party and thinking about what to give, you will most probably come to the conclusion of buying either sweets, flowers, or wine. Well, In Korea, toilet papers and detergent powder is the best gift. They symbolize money and prosperity. Isn’t it amazing?
Source: ehow.com, Image: polyplus.com

8. World’s Fastest Internet Speed

hi speed

If you are in Korea, you will experience the world’s fastest internet. Good for all the cybernauts!
Source: Telegraph, Source: Wikimedia

9. Octopus: I Am Eaten Alive!

In Korea, there’s a dish known as ‘sannakji.’ It is the dish in which an octopus is eaten alive. 
Source: mnn.com, GIF: Gifer

10. In Love With Cyber Games? Come Korea

Most Popular type of sport played in South Korea are CyberSports. They consider video games as part of the major social activity.
Source: Wikipedia, GIF: Tumblr

11. 4 Or Death

In Korea, most of the people have tetraphobia. In Korean 4 is spoken as ‘sa,’ which also means death. Number 4 is considered to be unlucky; this is why most of the people skip the fourth floor in Korea.
Source: ipfs.io, GIF: Giphy

12. No Tension When It’s hot down

In Korea, there are no vents to blow heat instead they use heated floor system known as Hondol(heated stone).
Source: easytolearnkorean.com

13. Obesity Is Rare

South Korea has the second lowest obese rate in the world.
Source: koreanherald.com

14. We Are Men; We Too Do Makeup

Makeup is just as ordinary for Men like it is for women in Korea. They love doing makeup equally.
Source: cbc.ca, GIF: narvii.com

15. Red Is Danger

Koreans forbids writing a name in the red link. Traditionally, the red link was used to write the dead person’s name.
Source: creativeculturient.com

16. Law Of Shopping

There’s a law in Korea to do shopping and banking online but using Internet Explorer Only.
Source: washingtonpost.com, GIF: Deviantart

17. Obsession With Feces

Korean are obsessed with faeces and that is why you can see poop shaped cookies or statues everywhere. It is because, in olden times, Koreans believed that if you are prosperous, you will see dung in your dreams.
Sources: theculturetrip.com, GIF: androdollar.com

18. Erotic…Love Park

love island

Love Land in Jeju Island is the most famous erotic theme park. You can find several erotic statues everywhere. It serves as a medium for sex education for the beginners.
Source: asiannetnews.com, Image: Flickr

19. Recreation Of Crime Scene

South Korea is also famous for its re-enactment of the crime scene. Imagine if you commit a crime in Korea, police will take you to crime spot and ask you to recreate your crime scene. What’s worst, is that there will be full media Coverage.
Source: koreaexpose.com

20. Mermaids of Jeju


In Jeju Island of South Korea, there is the tribe of the women called Haenyeo (sea women), who go for diving inside the sea to catch marine animals.
Source: unesco.org, Image: hswstatic.com

21. The Capital Of Plastic Surgery

It is completely common to have plastic surgery in Korea. It is also known as the Plastic surgery capital of the world.
Source: businessinsider.com

22. First Astronomical Lab Of The World

CheomseongdaeThe Cheomseongdae (Chomsongdae) is a 7th-century CE observatory tower located in Gyeongju (Kyongju), the capital of the Silla Kingdom of ancient Korea, is known to be the World’s First Astronomical Lab of the world.
Source: ancient.eu, Image: wp.com

23. Two Love Days


There are two love days in Korea. Valentine’s Day, in which girl give chocolates and gifts to their partners. White day, in which boys gift their partners white chocolate and gifts.
Source: asiasociety.org, Image: squarespace.com

24. Blue No Red

At Christmas, you will find Santa in Blue instead of Red.
Source: cbn.com, GIF: Tenor.com

25. World’s Best Airport

icheon airport

The world’s best airport is Incheon Airport, Seoul. It won the World’s best Airport staff in 2018. It also is one of the busiest airports of the world.
Source: worldairportawards.com, Image: 4.bp.blogspot.com

26. Largest Indoor Theme Park

The Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea, is the World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park.
Source: Wikipedia, GIF: Aminoapps

27. Scariest Place On Earth

The Former U.S. president Bill Clinton once described DMZ ( Demilitarized Zone) as ‘Scariest Place On Earth.’
Source: CNN

28. World’s Breakdancing Capital

South Korea is also known as ‘The Breakdancing Capital Of The World.’
Source: huffingtonpost.com, GIF: makeagif.com

29. Country Of The Workaholics 

South Korea is the one of the most workaholic capital of the world with estimated share working long hours about 22.6 per cent as of 2018.
Source: forbes.com, GIF: dribbble.com

30. Heaven Of Free Wi-fi

Don’t worry if you run out of your internet services in South Korea as there is free Wifi available almost everywhere in the country; even if you are inside a bus.
Source: koreaherald.com, GIF: Giphy

31. Mud Festival Of South Korea

mud fest

One of the most highlighted festivals of South Korea that has gained huge popularity in the world is ‘Boryeong Mud Festival.’ It was first held in the year 1998 and have millions of participants from around the globe each year.
Source: boryeongmudfestival.com, Image: Flickr