23 Amazing Facts About Tokyo Disneyland

For Disney fans, touring Tokyo Disney is a no-brainer. Adding to the attractions we recognize and cherish from Disneyland and Disney World, there are more several uniquely astonishing things about the Japanese parks, from the inventive and gourmet food to the remarkable Disney hotels. And, of course, they also have their own twists on well-known rides and attractions only accessible to them.

There are two parks that make up the layout of Tokyo Disney — Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea — and while this isn’t the perfect analogy, Tokyo DisneySea is like Disney California Adventure while Tokyo Disneyland is more like Disneyland or Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Here are 23 interesting facts about Tokyo Disneyland which will leave you bamboozled.

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1. The Ample Variety Of Popcorns

There is a diversity of popcorn stations encompassing both parks with all sorts of absurd (and normal) flavors like soy sauce, strawberry, chocolate, and honey that vary seasonally. At each site, there is a separate themed plastic popcorn bucket that you can use conveniently like a sack and get refilled at any of the stations for a reduced price. It’s an unusual part of the Tokyo Disney adventure.

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2. Not In Tokyo

Tokyo Disney Resort is actually located in the city of Urayasu, which is part of the Chiba prefecture east of Tokyo. That said, a trip from Tokyo Station to Maihama Station (which stands right outside the entrances of the parks) is 15 to 20 minutes on the JR Keiyo or Musashino Line.

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3. Exclusively for Tokyo

Notwithstanding the fact that Tokyo DisneySea is simply one of its kind in the world, there are trips and performances in both theme parks that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Examples incorporate Pooh’s Hunny Hunt and Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek in Tokyo Disneyland, as well as Tokyo DisneySea’s Nemo & Friends SeaRider and Jules Verne-inspired ride Journey to the Centre of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Source: sites.disney.com

4. Collectible Popcorn Buckets

These popcorn buckets are collectibles, we tell ‘ya. The most effortless way to find out which popcorn vehicles are available and in which park is to examine their popcorn page (I’d never thought I’ll ever string those two words collectively). To top of what’s available, we’ve also seen Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage with wheels that work, Nemo, Dumbo, BB8, and even Darth Vader.

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5. How Does It Look Like?

Hidden Mickeys were recognized everywhere even in the most insignificant details like the decorations that dot some of the walls to how several things are established in the gift shop. Soap dispensed in the shape of Mickey Mouse, nevertheless, is something we didn’t anticipate. This one is established next to Tokyo DisneySea’s Splash Mountain.

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6. No Booze Disneyland

There’s no denying that DisneySea provides a lot more to the older crowd, and it exhibits in its alcohol policy (there’s no booze in Tokyo Disneyland at all). Beer drinkers can look ahead to the Kirin Ichiban Draft – there’s also a “Frozen” Draft version that comes with frozen foam to keep it cool for a more longer period of time– and Budweiser Draft whereas cocktail drinkers can look to Teddy Roosevelt’s Lounge for Singapore Slings, Yucatan Base Camp Grill for kiwi mojitos (this is seasonal), and Magellan’s Lounge for a Godfather (half Scotch whisky, half amaretto).

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7. A Small Vineyard

Albeit a very petite one. It’s established by the water in Mediterranean Harbor, adjacent to Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante. We also have it on a reliable jurisdiction that it does bear grapes.

Source: disneytouristblog.com

8. Blinking Shop

One of the preferred parts of Tokyo DisneySea is Mermaid Lagoon. I know it’s made for younger kids – it’s chiefly indoors and rides here are benign – but it really seems like you’ve gone into a different world that is King Triton’s underwater territory. The Sleepy Whale Shoppe stuns the visitors by blinking when they have to wait to regroup.

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9. My Matching Counterpart

Unlike most parts of the world, the osoroi code – indicating “same, matching, or going together” – in Japan suggests there’s no guilt or humiliation in wearing coordinating outfits. In Tokyo Disney Resort, it’s absolutely taken up a notch with Donald Duck and Daisy onesies, five shades of yellow, and identical outfits, right down to the same hats and popcorn buckets.

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10. Legend of Clandestine Tunnels

The story goes that, since Disneyland is so extensive and overcrowded, Uncle Walt took the time to ensure staff could appear in any part of the park-like magic by erecting a complex series of clandestine tunnels solely for staff use. Some Japanese urban legends go so far as to suggest that some folks have grown so desperately lost in the tunnel network that they couldn’t find their way out and, probably either died or were transformed into unwilling Goofy mascots. It turns out there is at least half-truth to this legend: newer parks in the Disneyland family really do have a labyrinth of tunnels, while older ones at the very least have subterrene break rooms for staff to unwind and get away from all the sugar-addled ankle-biters wandering above-ground.

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11. Luxury Casino for the Rich and Famous

The Japanese urban myth states that, somewhere within Tokyo Disneyland, there’s a huge luxury casino open only to the rich and famous. While the casino bit is, in fact, slightly legendary as far as we can tell, “Club 33,” the ultra-exclusive club Walt Disney himself created in order to host private guests and park sponsors – and which forms the basis of the Japanese casino myth – in reality does exist. It’s seemingly the only place in the whole park where clients can buy alcoholic beverages. So, if you happen to spot someone zigzagging drunkenly, tag along behind them for a few moments and perhaps you’ll find the trick bookcase to invade.

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12. The First Date…or the Last One?

This “myth” continues throughout Japan, with many people genuinely terrified to take their significant other on a TDL date lest the Disney scourge strikes their connection. Most urban legends to this outcome stipulate that it only pertains to couples going to Disneyland for their first date ever, which might mean there’s an absolutely logical description for the myth: spend hours on end abiding in line with nothing else to do but communicate with each other, only to find out that person you’ve only met a handful of times isn’t actually who you deemed they were.

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13. A Kiss to Save Lives

You evidently have to do this in front of Cinderella’s castle during the nocturnal fireworks, but doing so on a first date is certain to irk Walt Disney’s spirit – who went through all the difficulty of anathematizing new couples but completely forgot about this obtrusive loophole.

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14. A Golden Chance

Legend has it there are three Golden Mickeys concealed everywhere in the park – at least one of them allegedly established in an area inaccessible to the public – and if you find one and tell a nearby staff member, they’ll give you a reward and tell you to keep the idol’s position to yourself. While it’s plausible there are Golden Mickeys stationed in the park, we can’t believe you’d actually get a prize for obtaining one. The staff – called “Cast Members” – numbered in the thousands (possibly tens of thousands), and like all intrigues, it would be almost unmanageable to keep a lid on this one with that many people in the know.

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15. No Bugs for Us

Ever discerned the mysterious lack of bugs, ravens and other pests inside Tokyo Disneyland? Even at night and in the summer? The buzz has it the park is implemented with specialized devices that emit radio waves that pests are susceptible to, steering them away from the facilities. We were incapable to uncover any conclusive proof of whether this is a genuine thing or not, but numerous myth-busting websites have at least validated that some Disneyland parks unleash feral cats after the park closes every night to chase away and/or chew on the determined rats that sneak in for uneaten food scraps. Quite how they round them up every daybreak, nevertheless, is another matter entirely…

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16. Haunted DisneySea Theme Park

DisneySea is one of the best theme parks in the world. It’s an absolute must-do for anyone visiting Japan – it’s host to world-class attractions including Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and heaps more!

According to this myth, many visitors at the Tokyo Disney Sea theme park report observing diverse haunting “decorations” inside the ride which don’t actually exist. One story goes that a man, when scanned what he conceived of the ride, said, “The woman standing unmoving at the end of the hallway was certainly the scariest.” The thing is, there is no woman at the end of the foyer.

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17. Loads of Transportation Options

Pretty much each Disney fan is aware of Walt Disney’s affection for trains, and also of how significant numerous means of transportation have been to the dynamic energy of Disneyland. Tokyo DisneySea maintains the proud tradition of transportation in Disney theme parks. The park employs everything from Venetian gondolas to the grand Tokyo DisneySea Electric Railway, which is their account of the PeopleMover, in my opinion. Boats, cars, and other forms of transport abound, not only serving functional purposes but also providing the park that ever-important kinetic energy.

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18. Amazing Food with a View

In other parks, there’s a standout counter service alternative here or there with either great food or cool ambiance, but ordinarily not both. Tokyo DisneySea is the most desirable Disney theme park for counter service food, and for counter service theming. At Casbah Food Court, you can feast in an Arabian open-air bazaar while having excellent curry. Vulcania allows consumers the opportunity to eat inside a transformed geothermal power station fashioned out of an animated volcano while feasting on delicious Chinese food. At New York Deli, you can dine inside the shops of various mom and pop proprietors while having a Mile High Sandwich. At Cape Cod Cook-Off, you can eat inside a boathouse while watching a Duffy stage show and eating tremendous burgers. Okay, that last one was a bad example…but there absolutely are about a half dozen other outstanding counter service restaurants in Tokyo DisneySea. And don’t even get me commenced on the table service or the snacks…

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19. All the Disney Soft Toys

You can only find Duffy plushies and other gears at Tokyo Disneyland, DisneySea, and Hong Kong Disneyland, although many flocks to Tokyo DisneySea especially for Duffy and his furry pink friend Shellie May. In fact, Duffy’s own home – Cape Cod – can be found there! Be sure to say hello to this adorable teddy bear when you visit!
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20. Mickey’s Soft Companion

Created solely as a character for Disney parks, Duffy is actually Mickey’s stuffed bear companion! This friendly ball of fluff debuted in 2002 at various Disney parks in a rainbow of colors but didn’t achieve reputation until 2005, when DisneySea authoritatively welcomed Duffy by designating a segment of the park all to himself!

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21. Prince Eric

Ariel is one of the many Disney Princesses that visitors can meet at multiple different Disney parks around the world. And although her prince, Prince Eric, is definitely not exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea because he meets visitors at other parks as well, the fact that he’s so common at this park is something that is very unique. The princes aren’t particularly easy to find at the Disney parks in the US and mostly only come out for special occasions. But at Tokyo DisneySea, the fact that Mermaid Lagoon exists gives Prince Eric a reason to be out almost all the time. He’s often spotted there with Ariel!

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22. Amazing DisneySea Rides

Whoever said Disney park rides are for teenagers haven’t attempted to go on the rides at Tokyo DisneySea! Apart from being astonishingly unusual, the rides are also more active with bigger thrills that adults will presumably appreciate more than the kids themselves!

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22. The Castle

Unlike the general castles you’d suppose to find like Cinderella’s or Sleeping Beauty’s, Tokyo DisneySea highlights palaces and castles of other characters like Aladdin and Ariel as well! Also, these castles look more magical after the sun sets, which just gives you a different reason to stay longer in the park!

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23. Towards the American Waterfront

American Waterfront
Tokyo DisneySea
On September 4th, 2001 Tokyo DisneySea opened to the general public. It was an important moment for theme parks, especially after the very confused and arguably backward step California Adventure had taken when it opened earlier that year. Tokyo DisneySea not only let everybody know theme parks were doing just fine, but it let them know they still had a lot of unrealized potentials.

DisneySea actually sets itself apart with its nautical-themed decor and different rides and characters encountered nowhere else in the world. There is only one DisneySea of its kind amongst all the Disney parks and it’s also the third most visited theme park in the world! The park even has seven “ports of call” that comprise the American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon and more. Even though there are comparable rides at Tokyo DisneySea such as the Tower of Terror, the narrative and notion behind the ride are absolutely unconventional from its U.S. counterpart!

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